12 Recent Home Buys We’re Loving

12 Recent Home Buys We're Loving

I haven’t been doing all that much shopping for our home lately—we don’t really need anything right now! What a great feeling…That said, there have been a handful of additions to our collection over the past six months that I wanted to mention because some of them have offered a surprising upgrade to our lifestyle. Keep scrolling to find out what I would absolutely buy again if the need ever came up.

12 Recent Home Buys We’re Loving

1. Ceiling light fixture: We installed this in our recent hallway makeover, and I love it! I might grab one for our upstairs hallway to create cohesion between floors.

2. Miniature table lamp: The price on this little $12 lamp can’t be beat, but I also love the pint-sized scale. It fits in so many compact places. I used one on top of my dresser, and another on my new wall-mounted desk (full reveal of that is coming next week).

3. Faux potted plant: This thing looks so real! It even fools me sometimes when I’m walking around watering our live plants.

4. Terrazzo tray: I love how heavy this tray is. I actually use it to display and organize all of my jewelry in our bedroom. It’s super high quality for a Target tray.

5. Striped shower curtain: If you also remember, we used this shower curtain in our hallway makeover. It was put up to hide the closet under our stairs. This curtain definitely doesn’t have to be used for a shower!

6. Continuous spray bottle: My hand kept cramping up while using our traditional spray bottle on my plant collection, so I did myself a favor and ordered a continuous spray bottle. It makes my plant maintenance routine so much easier.

7. Cable management box: This black box turned a pile of twisted, tangled cords in my office into an organized (and hidden!) dream.

8. Outdoor throw pillow: I love the poppy color on this outdoor throw pillow! I bought it for the outdoor furniture on our back deck, and think the pattern and minty blue color are perfect for summer.

9. Non slip carpet stair treads: I ordered these for my mom and dad’s house to help their dogs get up the stairs easier, and they are awesome! Really great quality, and the mod pattern helps brighten their stairwell, too.

10. Dry erase calendar: We happened to spot this randomly at Target last week, and now use it everyday for meal-planning in addition to scheduling events. I’m going to be talking more about this in a full blog post soon, so stay tuned.

11. Motion sensor puck lights: I put one of these on the underside of one of the shelves in our hall closet so I could see which medicine bottle I was grabbing in the middle of the night when I get a headache (happens more than I’d like). It helped SO MUCH!

12. Security camera: I added this inexpensive camera to our security system so I can keep an eye on our dog who has separation anxiety. It has helped me feel a lot better about leaving her, so it’s helping my anxiety, too!

What’s something that you recently added to your home that made life easier? There’s no real rhyme or reason to any of the picks you see linked above, but they have all genuinely added so much to our routines, so I just had to give them a shoutout. Let me know if there’s anything on the list that could help you and your lifestyle.

12 Recent Home Buys We're Loving

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