Roundup Of Our Favorite Pet Products

Modern Pet Treats And Accessories For Dogs And Cats

The other day, I opened a message from a sweet follower on Instagram who had just adopted a new puppy (her first indoor pet!). She was curious if I had any suggestions or recommendations for pet essentials—things like bedding, food, treats, leashes, etc. Of course I do! Pets are my very favorite thing in the world to talk about, and the bulk of our household budget ends up going towards our three rescue pets. If you’re in a similar situation needing ideas and direction for your own furry family member, then keep scrolling for some of the pet products we come back to over and over again.

Our Favorite Mod Pet Toys & Accents:

1. Pet camera: I love being able to use this camera to digitally “pop in” and check on our pets when we’re not at home. You can even toss them real treats using the camera’s phone app!

2. Dog collar: Cute collars that you can actually rely on are harder to find than you might think. I love the designs offered by this shop on Etsy. Our dog has one for practically every season.

3. Dog leash: John and I really love walking our dog using these round rope-style leashes. They seem sturdier to me without being overly bulky.

4. Dust pan set: I have multiple sets of these throughout our house because we’re constantly cleaning up pet messes, like when they dump over a plant, leave tufts of fur in the entryway, and scatter their dry food across the floor.

5. Pet bowls with stand: I’m a real stickler for “pretty” pet products. I want every pet item we use to be aesthetically pleasing in our home, so I’m drawn to things like this minimalist pet bowls stand to help keep our home looking stylish while still adequately serving our pets.

6. Oral care dry dog food: Our dog is on special prescription diet for her regular meals, but I like to work this oral care dry dog food into her daily routine as treats so that her teeth are looking their best. I just drop a few on the floor for her when she behaves, and she loves it!

7. Cat scratch pad: I know this post is mostly about dogs, but I had to throw this scratch pad into the mix because we just bought it, and our felines are smitten with it. Could be a great solution if your cats are scratching your furniture, like our kittens have been lately.

8. Pet wipes: We keep these pet wipes near the back door so we can wipe off our rescue pup’s muddy paws when she comes in from the yard.

9. Chew sticks for dogs: Our dog adores gnawing on these sticks. They’re also great for dental hygiene, so I know they’re going a long way in keeping our pup satisfied and healthy.

10. Air purifier: We rely on this air purifier to remove invisible pet allergens from the air so our occasional pet-sensitive guests can visit without worrying.

11. Pet bandana: As a special bonus, I thought I’d share a link to the bandana you see pictured at the end of this post. Again, our dog has one for practically every season! They’re a fun way to make her look dressed up when we take her to dog-friendly wineries and restaurants.

Another thing this follower asked for? Specific tips for how to keep your place presentable with pets. This washable dog blanket is absolutely key to our cleaning routine. We use it to cover the furniture where our cats and dog like to lounge most so that we can manage pet hair and dander easily. These couch covers are also favorites. I just pop the couch covers and pet blankets in the wash once a week to refresh them. I think this routine really helps to keep our home looking and smelling fresh. We also swear by this cordless vacuum and this carpet cleaner for everyday floor cleaning. For pet-safe cleaners and sprays, we almost always order from Grove, or we use the Mrs. Meyer’s line from Target. I hope that helps answer your questions, and if you have other pet products that you swear by, please feel to leave links in the comments.

Modern Pet Treats And Accessories For Dogs And Cats

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