Weekend Inspiration: No.105

Mid-century wood dresser styling

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I absolutely love change—especially when it comes to our home décor. I swap things around all the time, and I’m certain that I’d be doing that in some alternate universe where I wasn’t a blogger and it wasn’t my job to do exactly that for the sake of content. It’s simply engrained in my personality!

So, today I thought it might be fun to take a walk down memory lane by revisiting a few favorite room makeovers from inside our retro ranch. Keep scrolling for a look back at a number of design iterations of different rooms, including our main bedroom, living room, the long-gone sunroom, and our dining room, too. There’s lots of home décor inspiration to explore inside those links in case you’ve got projects of your own to get underway this weekend.


1. One of our older living room designs was recently featured on The Everygirl as part of a Netflix-worthy living rooms roundup their editorial team put together! Do you remember that pretty tufted blue couch? Don’t worry—we kept it in the family. It lives over at my parents’ house now.

2. Not technically a room makeover, but I really loved how this up-cycled IKEA table turned out. We ended up selling the set since we didn’t have enough room for it, but it’s still one of my favorite transformations to date.

3. Who could forget that one time I painted a faux wood panel feature wall in our main bedroom?! At any rate, I couldn’t forget! Our room looks nothing like this anymore, but I still love that old design.

4. Minimalism wasn’t something that lasted more than a year or two in our house, but you can see that brief period when I tried the aesthetic right here.

5. I’ll never forget when our sunroom used to be a beautiful living and dining space! We’ve since turned it into a makeshift garage storage area because we realized we’d utilize the (un-air-conditioned) space a lot more in that way rather than as a living room. I’m so glad we have these old pictures of it to look back on, though!

6. If you want to see a fairly recent look inside our house, I was kindly featured this past week by a local website, Shen Valley Magazine. See the article and house tour (with photos by Helen Bisset) over this way.

Mid-century boho bedroom décor ideas

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