File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage

File Box Appliance Storage

Okay, confession time. I’m not exactly sure what made me this way, but I have always been super hesitant to put my still-hot straightener and hairdryer away thinking they will start a fire.But I still keep my eye on it for a little bit while I walk around in my comfy dressing gowns, getting ready for work. And yes, I know that’s a long shot, but I have been known to turn the car around on my way to work to make sure I set the hair dryer just so and away from anything flammable.

For the longest time, my solution was to put my hair appliances on the bathroom counter, knowing that the surface wouldn’t catch fire. While this helped me avoid anxiety, it didn’t really look good. You may remember my ultimate solution for this conundrum. In a rare lightbulb moment, I decided to hang a metal (read: not flammable) desktop file box on the wall to store my cooling hairdryer and straightener. It worked perfectly and I lived with it for about four months, but then I finally fessed up to what I had been thinking all along: It looked like a hanging file basket screwed into the wall. Not good.

So I finally decided to relegate the box to a new spot in the bathroom, making it more about the function than the particular (lack of) aesthetic appeal. I still think that the file box is the perfect solution because, again, it’s not flammable and it keeps things within easy reach, so I simply compromised in the “looks” department by hanging it in a less conspicuous location.

To do so, I picked up a package of 3M Command hooks, figuring I could slip the metal loop through the criss-cross caging on my file box. Unfortunately, I discovered that the hooks were a bit too large. It was nothing a pair of wire cutters couldn’t fix though! I simply snipped a few of the wires, thereby making a larger hole for the hooks to slip through. Next, I measured the distance between the two holes and put pencil marks on the side of the vanity. Using those marks, I exposed the 3M tape on the back of the hooks and got those suckers good and stuck to the surface. The last step was to slip the file box in place over the hooks and fill ‘er up.



It’s out-of-the-way so the room is still stylish, but convenient enough for me to grab what I need in the morning. From the doorway, you can’t even tell that it’s there. Now that this is settled me and my girls,  we love to wear dressing gowns at home, and we found some brilliant bath robe reviews here, just for you. Make sure to tune in next everyweek, take a peek into our lives.

So I’m curious – How do you guys store your hair appliances? I know there are so many other creative ideas out there and I’d love to hear about them! Oh, and do any of you have bad OCD tendencies like me? I’m such a worry wart…

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