Simple Kraft Paper Gift Wrap

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It all started with a couple of kraft-wrapped gifts under the tree…For the past two years, I’ve used this simple, inexpensive wrapping method, which all but begs for a  splash of creativity. Last year, I chose to use simple washi tape, but this Christmas I wanted to do just a little something more.

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DIY_Christmas_Wrapping_ 201302

With all of our gifts snug in their brown paper, I began with a single length of decorative Scotch brand duct tape. The pretty blue scallop was the perfect complement to our blue and gold holiday decor, but of course I wasn’t quite done there.

Next, I layered on some gold dot washi tape, care of The Green Daisy. I wasn’t scientific about it at all – using it perpendicular to the blue duct tape on some while, on others, I put it right on top. The look was cute and colorful, exactly what I was hoping for, but it still needed one more finishing touch.

DIY_Christmas_Wrapping_ 201304

Like most warm blooded females in this world, I’m head over heels for Rifle Paper Co. So much so that, after receiving a gorgeous gift from my mentor Vana wrapped in one of Anna Bond’s beautiful, hand-painted patterns, I couldn’t help but save part of the unscathed paper. Yup – I’m THAT girl…But luckily, my compulsion was warranted because it turned out to be the perfect finisher to this year’s wrapping.

Using my large 3-inch circle hole punch, I cut circles from the wrapping paper. Then, with my trusty rubber cement at the ready, I plopped it right on top of the kraft paper plus washi tape. And that was that!

DIY_Christmas_Wrapping_ 201306

I adore the blend of patterns and colors, each just perfectly matched to our home’s decor. Sure, that may be just a touch over the top for some (the idea of matching gift wrap to holiday decor), but I would be lying if it didn’t make me beam from ear to ear every time I catch sight of it…

What are you using to wrap your gifts this year? Got any other fun kraft paper tutorials to share? I’m all ears.

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