So I Married a Blogger: John Waller

Q&A With A Blogger Husband | (Photo: Katie Stoops)

So, although this wild card Friday post doesn’t have much to do with my “Week Of Pink” theme leading up to Valentine’s Day this weekend, I couldn’t say no to the opportunity to interview my hubby as part of the “So I Married a Blogger” blog hop hosted today by Claire Brody, of Claire Brody Designs. In this series, a group of 21 bloggers riddles their significant other with telling questions about each of their respective blogs. Some of the questions (and answers) are light-hearted, whereas others get right down to the nitty gritty, but all-in-all, I learned quite a bit from John in going through the process.

He and I managed to squeeze in a little Panera coffee date earlier this week to go through the interview, and you’ll find his answers below (along with a few italicized interjections of my own). And if you’re a blogger yourself and got a kick out of John’s perspective, be sure to click through to the other bloggers listed at the end of the post. I just hopped over to each of their interviews, and laughed out loud on more than one occasion. Oh, the things our hubbies think and say…Take it away, Johnnie!

Q&A With A Blogger Husband | (Photo: Katie Stoops)

How involved are you with Carrie’s blog?

I’m pretty hands-on with home improvement projects, but that’s about where my involvement with the actual blog stops.

How often do you read the blog? Are you an avid reader or do you see enough at home?

I get firsthand, behind-the-scenes experience. Honestly, it’s been a while since I actually looked at the site. I do ligitimately make it a point to go on there, but I just don’t get to it often since I don’t have my own computer.

How much time does Carrie spend on her blog? What are her hours like?

She recently narrowed her hours down so that she sticks to an 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekday schedule, but that does not include time answering emails via phone in between.

Does Carrie use you for your handy work?

Quite a bit!

Describe Carrie’s style.

A modern twist on mid-century standards. (He says with a proud smile)

Describe your style.

I’d say that I gravitate toward mid-century modern, but I probably prefer more rustic design.

How often does your home change?

At least weekly.

How many different sofas have you had since marrying Carrie?


Q&A With A Blogger Husband | (Photo: Katie Stoops)

How often do you offer decorating advice? Does she consider your opinion?

(He laughs) Ummm…I occasionally offer advice, which she may consider if she doesn’t already have an idea in mind.

What’s your favorite room in the house? Why?

If I had to pick one, it would be our finished basement because I like that it still has open space and that it’s inviting and conductive (he meant conducive) to gatherings, whether it’s just Carrie and me or a group of friends.

What does it really look like behind the camera?

I would say most of the time our house is pretty much ready for a magazine shoot. It’s always styled.

What is a project that you hate but have never voiced (or maybe you have)?

Just generally, I hate when Carrie has to take pictures in the middle of a project because it takes so long. That step makes the project excruciatingly long for me. I have a short attention span.

Do you know of Carrie’s blogger friends? If so, who’s your favorite?

Rachel! (He pauses) Andrea! (Another pause) Is she a blogger? (She’s a photographer) I’ve only met like two of them, but I liked them both.

What’s your favorite aspect of Carrie being a blogger? Least favorite?

I like that she works at home and that she has flexibility. My least favorite part? That she works at home. (He laughs) It’s understandably hard for her to turn work off because she works at home.

What are your household chores?

Cooking, cleaning, dog-walking in the afternoon/evenings, car maintenance, pest control. (To be fair—and so you don’t think I’m a lazy good-for-nothing—I straighten up, make the bed, walk the dog in the morning/afternoon, put away dishes/groceries, pay bills, etc.)

What’s something about Carrie that her readers might not know?

Despite her large readership (FYI: those are DEFINITELY his words, not mine), we’re both primarily introverts. (So true…)

What does Carrie really want for Valentine’s Day, and what are you getting her?

She says she doesn’t want anything! Plus, I wouldn’t tell her before Sunday!

Q&A With A Blogger Husband | (Photo: Katie Stoops)


(Photos by Katie Stoops)

P.S. Stay tuned for my regularly scheduled Friday link post, plus a wrap up to my “Week Of Pink” theme, right here at 10:00 a.m. EST.

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