Top 10 Dream Green DIY Christmas Crafts

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

Clearly, I no longer have the kind of restraint needed to wait until after Thanksgiving to post about Christmas, but now that we are officially beyond the harvest holiday, I’m ready to go hog wild and shout my love for Christmas from the rooftops—or at least shout it from this blog. To get us all properly prepped for holiday project season, here are the top 10 DIY Christmas crafts culled from these DIY-packed archives.

Do you have a favorite DGD holiday DIY project not mentioned here? Do tell in the comments! Or feel free to share your own blog links so that we can get extra inspired.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

1. Coffee, Creamer & Christmas Cheer Holiday Party

The Coffee, Creamer & Christmas Cheer Holiday Party that I styled for Glitter Guide back in 2013 was a major highlight of mine. It combined two of my favorite things—Christmas and coffee—and allowed me the excuse to work with my friend and photographer, Liz Cook. Get all of the DIY details by clicking through to Glitter Guide. (photo by Liz Cook)

Top 10 Dream Green DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

2. Homemade Holiday Candy Cane Donut Skewers

These homemade Holiday Candy Cane Donut Skewers were another element from the Christmas Cheer Holiday Party worth noting. To make them, just combine mini candy canes and sugary donut holes, and you’re done! They are the perfect holiday party (or any time) snack. (photo by Liz Cook)

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

3. How To Properly Wrap A Gift Box

Last year, I put together a whole collection of DIY wrapped gifts and dubbed it my Holiday Paper Wrap Up. The series was particularly thrilling to put together because of all that color and pattern, plus the custom wrapping paper ended up being a major hit with family on Christmas morning. Learn How To Properly Wrap A Gift Box by clicking that link!

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

4. DIY Sharpie Bow Topper

Of all the tutorials that came out of my Holiday Paper Wrap Up series, this simple DIY Sharpie Bow Topper tops my list of favorites. It was probably the easiest and fastest DIY Christmas craft that I tackled last year, and you can easily copy the look at home this season.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

5. DIY Mod Stained Wood Nutcracker

You better believe that I’ve already broken out my DIY Mod Stained Wood Nutcracker for this current Christmas season. The DIY, again, couldn’t be simpler, and you can snag the how-to to make your own by clicking here.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

6. DIY Calligraphy Glass Christmas Ornaments

Are you obsessed with all things calligraphy, too? I personally can’t get enough. Although I’ve far from mastered the art, I tried my hand at DIY Calligraphy Glass Christmas Ornaments last December and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I didn’t completely screw things up with my hand lettering! I still think I might enlist the help of a pro this year though.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

7. DIY Geometric Holiday Card Display

As you know, I’m a big fan of Christmas cards. I just love getting snail mail, especially the kind that features photos and updates from our friends and family across the country. So this DIY Geometric Holiday Card Display turned out to be the perfect place to display all the pretty paper we received throughout December.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

8. How To Add Custom Liners To Your Envelopes

In case you’re looking to increase the drama on your own Christmas cards this year, why not try custom liners? This old tutorial shows you How To Add Liners To Your Envelopes, and the best part is that this DIY Christmas craft can be used all year round.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

9. Homemade Rudolph Sandwiches

Ever since my sister and I were kids, we’ve enjoyed Homemade Rudolph Sandwiches. I think the recipe made it to our house from my mom’s years teaching preschool, and they couldn’t be simpler to master. Just combine bread, peanut butter, pretzels, and Christmas colored M&Ms!

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

10. DIY Garden Trellis Advent Calendar

When I saw this white garden trellis hanging on the wall at the hardware store, for some reason, I couldn’t shake the vision of it being turned upside down and turned into a DIY Advent Calendar. So that’s exactly what I did!

Top 10 DIY Christmas Crafts | Dream Green DIY

BONUS: How To Style Your Living Room For Christmas

Since Christmas isn’t just about small-scale crafts, I wanted to share one bonus tutorial for How To Style Your Living Room For Christmas. I’m excited to test out a brand new color scheme here in our new house, and will be sharing not one, but two Christmas living room tours later this week. Stay tuned!

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